Bella Luna Pet Resort

All Full Grooms include a professional consultation, stimulating brush-out, personalized hair cut, ear cleaning and hair removal, nail trim, gland expression, and an all natural specialty shampoo specific to your pet's skin type. Your pet will also receive a head to toe massage, conditioning, fluff dry, bows or bandana, and a spritz of fragrance.

Small dogs (under 20 lbs) $35 and up*
Medium dogs (20-40 lbs)  $45 and up*
Large dogs (40-60 lbs)      $65 and up*
X-Large dogs (60 lbs or more) $75 and up*

*Prices vary by breed, cut, and condition of coat.

Mini Groom includes all of the above except the hair cut. 

Small Dogs (under 20 lbs) $15 and up* 
Medium Dogs (20-40 lbs)  $25 and up*
Large Dogs (40-60 lbs)      $30 and up*
X-Large Dogs (60lbs or more) $40 and up* 

*Prices vary by breed and condition of coat.
*De-shedding is an additional cost and also varies.

Maintenance and Refresher Baths
For dogs that need a little spruce up between groomings,
or a little refresher before departing from boarding, we offer a deep cleaning bath, nail trim, and ear cleaning at a discounted rate.
Extras Our Dogs Love!                                                           
-Nail Trim/File  sm $6.00 md $8.00 lg $10.00
-Teethbrushing  $6.00 
-Flea and Tick Bath   starting at $6.00
-DeShedding (Furminator) starting at $6.00
-Plaq Clnz – Teeth Cleaning   $10.00
 This non-anesthesia based teeth cleaning service includes an oral exam, a pre-treatment

  spray to loosen plaque and tartar buildup, teethbrushing, de-scaling (if needed), and a       breath improving gel applied post teeth cleaning. 
-Blueberry Facial  $6.00
 This is so relaxing!! It is a gentle, tearless formula that is both
 calming and aromatherapeutic. A gentle face massage helps to deep clean and remove    tear stains. 
-Paw-dicure  $8.00
 An exclusive bubble bath for your pet that is specially designed to condition and  penetrate the paw pads, along with a paw massage using nourishing cream to help prevent  dryness and cracking, and a professional nail trim and file.
-Hot Oil Treatment $6.00  
 Deep conditioning hot oil that rejuvenates dry, damaged hair
 and skin is massaged into your pet’s coat, and then your pet will be wrapped in a warm  towel for 10 minutes, leaving the oil to penetrate into the skin.  Itchy, dry dogs love this  treatment!
  **Don't forget, ask us about our Creative Grooming!

*For more information on any of these services or to make an appointment, please call or come by!