For your furry canine kids we offer accommodations to meet every size, shape  and budget. From our indoor/outdoor comfort kennels to our spacious suites  complete with flat screen TVs and plush bedding, we will find the perfect fit to  accommodate teeny tiny, extra large or multiple dog families. We offer airy  indoor rooms and plenty of outdoor space to roam and romp in. At check- in, we  need you to bring your dog's shot records,our BOARDING FORMS all filled out (if it  is your first time with us), your pet's food, meds, and/or toys or bedding.                         
 *Please note, check out is before noon. You will be charged for another day
   of boarding for check outs after noon.

 *Sunday evening pickups will include charges for that day.
             Indoor Comfort Kennel- 4x4 indoor kennel includes being taken
             to a play yard every three hours off leash for 15 minutes, lots of

             lovings and pats, comfy raised orthopedic bed - $20/day*

             Indoor/Outdoor Comfort Kennel- 4x12 includes being taken to a play

             yard every three hours, when temperatures allow, access to a private

             outdoor patio, lots of lovings and pats, comfy raised orthopedic bed

             - $20/day* (limited availability, dog doors only open in mild weather)

             Indoor Comfort Kennel XL or Indoor/Outdoor Comfort Kennel XL-
             4x8 indoor kennel or 8x12 indoor/outdoor kennel (perfect for multi-
             pet families) includes being taken to a play yard every three hours off

             leash for 15 minutes, when temperatures allow, access to a private

             outdoor patio, lots of lovings and pats, comfy raised orthopedic bed-

             $25/day* (indoor/outdoor XL has limited availability/dog doors only open

             in mild weather)


*Multiple pet discounts for kennel accommodations, second pet is 10% off,
   third pet is 15% off, if staying together.

    Luxury Suites**
         Corner suites - perfect for multiple pet families or extra large
         breeds- 6x8 indoor private room includes outdoor visits every 3 hours to a
         private play yard, flat screen tv, plush bedding, night time peanut butter
         kong treat and 1 one-on-on playtime with a staff member- $35/day**

         Medium Suite OU or Medium Beach Suite-5x5 indoor private room
         includes outdoor visits every 3 hours to a private play yard, plush bedding,
         night time peanut butter kong treat and 1 one-on-on playtime-$30/day**

         Mini Suite - 4x4 private room includes outdoor visits every 3
         hours to a private play yard, plush bedding, night time peanut butter kong
         treat and 1 one-on-on playtime-$25/day*




                                   The Luna Retreat (For small dogs under 30 lbs) is a

                                   secluded area that has 4 mini suites, designed for your

                                   little one. Includes a flat screen tv, outings to a private

                                   play yard every three hours, a daily one on one playtime,

                                   and a peanut butter kong treat at night-$25/day**


**Special multiple pet discounts for suites.  Second pet is 50% off, third              is 75%, when  staying together. ​

Bella Luna Pet Resort