Bella Luna Pet Resort

We pride ourselves on maintaining an environment for your pets that is as much like home as we can make it. All accommodations are climate controlled, clean, and comfortable. We offer all of our guests raised orthopedic beds by Kuranda, cozy bedding and yummy treats. We administer medications at no extra charge, and we recommend your pet stay on his or her current diet, so please bring your pet's food.  Play times and one-on-one attention are encouraged at Bella Luna.  We want your pet to WANT to come back, so fun is mandatory. We welcome visitors and would love to meet you and your pets.  Come see us anytime.   

*At Bella Luna your pet's health and safety is our #1 concern. Prior to a pet's arrival, Bella Luna Pet Resort must have a formal vaccination record or receipt from a licensed veterinarian indicating that the vaccinations meet the following requirements:
     ​Dogs: Annual or 3-year rabies, depending on vet documentation.

     Annual bordetella. Annual Distemper/Parvo (DHPP) 
     Cats: Annual or 3-year rabies, depending on vet documentation.

     Annual FVRCP (Feline Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, Panleukopenia)
*All cats, 6 months or older, must be neutered or spayed
* Check-out for all guests is before 12:00 noon. You will be charged for that day of boarding if not picked up by 12:00 noon.(Please note that the Business Office is closed on Sundays except for pet pick-up between 5:00 and 6:00 pm)
* All pets must be in good general health to visit Bella Luna Pet Resort. No diabetics, pets exhibiting signs of serious illness, or pets with contagious viruses will be accepted.  Bella Luna is not staffed for skilled veterinary care and may not be able to handle geriatric pets, pets in heat, or other pets needing significant or special care. 
* For the happiness of all our guests...pets must be free of fleas and ticks to stay at Bella Luna Pet Resort. At check-in, all pets will be examined for pests and treated at owners expense
* Prior to participating in group play or Doggy Daycare, pets must be spayed or neutered and pass a social evaluation. Approved pets may have social privileges suspended if their behavior changes and they become aggressive or dominant. 
* For the safety of all pets and visitors, customers' pets are required to be on leash and under control (or in a carrier) at all times on the property.
* Pets will not be accepted if they show signs of, or have a history of aggressive behavior toward humans or severe separation anxiety. 
* We do our best to keep a quiet and calm environment for your pets. We use training methods to reward calm.  In extreme barking cases and as a last resort, we may utilize citronella or static collars.  This is ALWAYS discussed with the owner and trainer before used, and only used as a last resort for extreme barking.  We have neighbors that appreciate calm as well, and also we do not want to create bad behaviors that your pet may bring home.  

*We require a 10% Deposit, to be paid at the time of making a reservation,  for peak season boarding. These times include:
     New Years                  Labor Day
     Spring Break               Fall Break
     Easter                        Thanksgiving
     Memorial Weekend       Christmas
     4th of July 
**We reserve the right to require deposits for all (both peak and non-peak) boarding reservations made by a client that has 1 or more no shows.  A no-show is constituted by a reservation made and no cancellation made or less than 48 hours notice of cancellation.
** We love our military, both active duty and retired!!  Ask about our military discounts and extended stay discounts.